Giving Back To The Community

Giving Back To The Community

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Everyone is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus in some way or another. We know that schools are about to need a fast and effective way of communicating with parents and guardians.

Because of this, we as a team, have decided to build 15,000 apps for free for UK schools. This allows them to stay in contact with parents at this time, publish updates and information, share files and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

Hopefully we have the answers below! If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us.

Q. Why does my school need an app? We have a website and SMS/Social Media services already in place.
A. We understand you may already have platforms in place. However, a personalised school app can be accessed on all platforms for student, parents and staff. Things have moved quickly and we can help take the pressures of you trying to get your existing website/social media to do the job which it is not currently configured to do. We are trying to add some more certainty into seriously uncertain times.
Q. My school doesn’t use social media.
A. No issues here! This is exactly why an app is so good for you. Besides, you don’t need the pressure of students/staff/parents having to use the same social media platform. Or ensuring those that do actually see the information in a timely manner.
Q. What do you need from our school?
A. All we need from you is your logo and basic school information. Most of which, we can pull from your website. Fill in our registration of interest form and expect an email back shortly with next steps (check your spam!).
Q. Will it cost us anything? What’s the catch?
A. No cost, no catch. Here at BYB Apps we believe in being a part of the solution and understand there are difficult waters to navigate in light of recent events. As part of your community we are committed to keeping your personalised school app running until at least September 2020. At that point we can only hope for better circumstances and clearer understanding and only then will we look at how the app can continue to benefit the school.
Q. We do not have the IT support to run the app.
A. Not an issue. We can help with this, in the templates used for our school apps there is little to manage except the content/messages you wish to send out.
Q. What else can we do with the app which will support us during COVID – 19
A. The app will provide the tools to receive all important absences, updates on staff, young peoples on going health and well-being in a private format without having to keep reception telephone line busy. Additionally, when the time is right (which will come!) you will be able to send out timely messages regarding re-opening and updated policies.
Q. How soon can we have it up and running we are desperate?!
A. Not to worry. With the government confirming schools in England will close on the 20th March 2020 we understand the urgency. As this is free service we have already had lots of interest and request, all of which we welcome and have the team on hand to support. Providing all the information is recieved (see question 3) we can have your personalised app up and running in 24hrs.
Q. My school has already closed/is closing, how can I get everyone to download it?
A. We can support you with this by providing a QR code and link to your app.
Q. So really, what’s the catch?
A. In true transparency, no cost, no catch. We have sister companies which are all based around children’s education and will make sure your school has access to exclusive offers within the app. None of which disrupt nor impede on the aim, which is to provide you with a fully functioning platform to give clear, timely information.
We specialise in helping small to medium enterprises compete in the market with products of the highest quality at an easily affordable price.

Over the years we discovered that most business people didn’t embrace or even keep their most important sales tools up to date as it was simply to complicated or too expensive to pay someone to do it for them.

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